PODCAST: That Time of the WEEK

It’s “That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” !! Every week Maddy gets a couple of her. girls together to shoot the sh*t, talk current events, and more.

Full video and audio episodes drop on Maddy’s Patreon every Monday. Audio drops everywhere podcasts are available on Thursdays.

OMG it’s MONDAY and the girls are back to debate whether or not they’re annoying! Plus we consult the 'magic crystal bawl' and discuss: -Italian police refusing to wear pink masks -Spain declares pets as legal family members Check out our sponsor Ounce of Hope and use code mad20 for 20 percent off! See Maddy + girls live Follow the pod on IG: @thattimeoftheweekpod Follow the girls: @somaddysmith @ashlynnsalzano @stewartandchill Producer: @cazzei27 Editor: Michael Kessler Socials producer: Angela Cilluffo
  1. Are we annoying?
  2. I haven't seen a good movie since Princess Diaries 2
  3. My online dating radius is "earth"
  4. I'm doing kegels right now
  5. Thank god Omicron isn't transmitted sexually!!!