Maddy Smith is a NYC-based stand up comedian and writer. She regularly appears as both an MC and comic throughout the city and its surrounding region. Maddy has performed at the┬áRochester Fringe Festival and Hoboken Comedy Festival, was a finalist in both the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival (Ithaca) and the Stand Up NY Festival (Manhattan), and a semi-finalist in the New York Comedy Club competition and Caroline’s 2019 March Madness competition. In 2017 Maddy took up roasting — she won first place in the “You Look Like” roast battle competition at the Memphis Comedy Festival is a regular at Roast Battle, RoastMasters, and Comedy Fight Club, all in NYC. She recently appeared at the Friar’s Club for the Roast of Gloria Allred and was a contributing writer for the Roast of Ric Flair.

Maddy’s writing has appeared in McSweeney’s and of course in her own wildly successful YouTube-based webseries NYC Pads.

Along with stand up, Maddy is the newest castmember of MTV’s Wild N Out. Season 14 will premiere in fall 2019. Tune in!

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