PODCAST: That Time of the WEEK

It’s “That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” !! Every week Maddy gets a couple of her. girls together to shoot the sh*t, talk current events, and more.

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Episode #013: "Why do all women need a hoe phase?!" That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith

Happy Monday… it's That Time of the WEEK!!!! Maddy is in the studio with brand new guests Erica Spera and Molly DeMellier, co-hosts of the Shooters Gotta Shoot podcast. The gals answer some questions that Maddy's Instagram followers shamelessly asked, talk about their #1 quarantine purchases (shoutout CBD oil and candles!!!). They also talk: – Kim and Kanye DONE-zo! – Megan and Harry no longer royals! – much more!  LOVE the pod?! Full video episodes drop on Sunday and Maddy's weekly solo pod are available at PATREON.COM/MADDYSMITH. Join now – it's worth it! Follow the pod on IG: @thattimeoftheweekpod Follow the gals: @somaddysmith @spericaa @theguaca_molly
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