PODCAST: That Time of the WEEK

It’s “That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” !! Every week Maddy gets a couple of her. girls together to shoot the sh*t, talk current events, and more.

Full video and audio episodes drop on Maddy’s Patreon every Monday. Audio drops everywhere podcasts are available on Thursdays.

I am thankful for my bitches That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith

It's Thanksgiving at That Time of the Week! We discuss what we're thankful for – including all of you!! and then we do impressions of our favorite Thanksgiving food and discuss: – Reeses cup pie – Thanksgiving – Turkey prices are up! See Maddy live here! Follow the pod on IG: @thattimeoftheweekpod Follow the girls: @somaddysmith @stewartandchill @ashlynnsalzano @cazzei27
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