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It’s “That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” !! Every week Maddy gets a couple of her. girls together to shoot the sh*t, talk current events, and more.

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Episode #007: "Checks and balances…?" That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith

It's That Time of the WEEK again!?! and Maddy's back with Stewart and Caitlin to play Maddy Libs, discuss where they would host a coup, and talk about: – The COUP!!!! – Kamala Harris' awkward Vogue cover along with a debate about her Converse sneakers – Trader Joe's and their shitty produce – Costco's flannels Like what you hear!?? Video and BONUS Maddy episodes are available on Patreon.com/maddysmith Follow the pod on IG: @ThatTimeoftheWeekPod Follow the girls: Maddy: @somaddysmith Stewart: @Stewartandchill Caitlin: @caitlinpeluffo
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