PODCAST: That Time of the WEEK

It’s “That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith” !! Every week Maddy gets a couple of her. girls together to shoot the sh*t, talk current events, and more.

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I would let Peppa Pig eat my ass That Time of the WEEK with Maddy Smith

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE WEEK!!! Maddy is in studio with Stewart and Ashlynn to discuss fast fashion, play a new segment called Walk in My Shoes, and discuss: – the brand Shein – McDonald's getting rid of plastic toys – cars are stealing your data!!! LOVE the pod?! Join Patreon! Follow the pod on IG: @thattimeoftheweekpod Follow the girls: @somaddysmith @stewartandchill @ashlynnsalzano @cazzei27
  1. I would let Peppa Pig eat my ass
  2. If you don't have depression, you're not paying attention
  3. I have a full bush right now, by the way
  4. I will eat Alicia Keys' clam
  5. "If you pay for the steak, yeah I'll let u cum in me"